ROS on turtlebot2

The idea of the project is pretty simple , 4 waypoints and 4 AR tags each AR tag has a location and it can navigate and patrol around these points .

middleware and OS used in the project :

    ROS Hydro on Ubuntu 12.04


    rbx1 : ros by example book package 1
    rbx2 : ros by example book package 2

Code of the project

The main programming language of the project is python.

pneumatic engine

Instead of petroleum you can use compressed air to push the cylinder to create circular motion


This project was modelled 3D in solidworks , and also mathematically on matlab . Also all the circuits are handy made . was implemented by proteus and also Fritzing CAD .

Control was implemented using PLC ( Siemens ) and then replaced with Arduino .

Minesweeper Robot

The mine-sweeping is a major problem in a lot of lands and automating this process will lead to a safe way to remove them . This De-mining Robot is to solve the mine sweeping problem. The proposed mechanical design is done based on the Asguard robot that was made by DFKI with some modifications [1]. There is a dock with computer that will receive data from the Robot on field to draw a map and localize its place. Xbee was used for communication and 2 metal sensors were used to detect the surface and buried mines. The controller was based on open source hardware arduino Due. You can find a video about our real robot in the field
The following is not a detailed report so for more info just contact me


BSC Thesis: Pick and Place Robotic Arm

This was a bachelor thesis project to obtain my BSC in mechatronics engineering from the German University in Cairo. The internship/Project was held in Egyptian German Automotive factory that is a joint venture with Daimler AG.

Video for the project working :

Thesis can be sent by request

Robotics Workshop


robot body wood

Make your first Robot using:

simple wooden body

small geared DC motors

ultrasonic sensor

Arduino microcontroller ( as Micro-controller AKA Brain ) ….

This project is totally open for anyone to share and develop on it . All the bill of materials and slides explaining it will be published soon .